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How To Become Taller

February 21st, 2012 No comments

Are You Thinking Of How To Become Taller

By : Marcus Kindangen

Being the shortest among school mates, college mates, office mates, or even your soul mate (the case applies for man only) is depressing. It somehow shows everyone that you are grown with less attention and less nutrition while, on the other hand, you are considered having health problems or something like that. This surely bothers you a lot; and having imagination of your child someday will face the same issue is just worse. So to avoid that crap and get you out of nightmare, here goes the information about how to become taller. Well,  have you been thinking of how to increase height ?

The main idea is to prevent, not to fix. This means that some ways that are about to be told are the basic steps to prevent child being short aka to grow in proper size. Someday, when your child asks you :  how can I get taller,  make sure that child consumes all essential nutrition, including fat, protein, vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K, minerals, and carbohydrate. The issue is about becoming taller so carbohydrate plays second or third role. First role is played by both calcium (mineral) and vitamin D with help from protein. Milk and milk products are the best; eggs, meat, sun light (in morning), vegetables, and water are not negotiable. That is the first step about how to become taller.

The last is the continuity, basically. Please give the child meal in steady portion, not less and not more; stability is important. Furthermore, encourage childs to have exercise such as basket ball, foot ball, swimming, or even running. Being active is also a key to grow taller. Don’t force your child to the maximum effort, give him or her some rest. Body needs to be relaxed. Last tip is about posture. Do you realize it helps childs to be taller? Tell your child to sit, walk, stand, run, etc. in correct posture. Then the  issue on  how to become taller is done.

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How To Increase Height

February 8th, 2012 No comments

How To Increase Height If You Are Not In Average Height?

By : Marcus Kindangen

To grow normally and be in proper height is everyone’s dream. Unfortunately, some people don’t reach the dream and accept their body as the way they are; in fact, they could allocate some energy and become taller. The problem is always about willingness.  Are there any ways on how to grow taller fast ?   The prophet has said there is a will there is a way. You will never reach the peak unless you want it so bad. Follow through the article to see the possibility of getting taller and answer your question about how to increase height. Remember, there is a will there is a way.

If currently you have in your mind:  how can I get taller,  so there are basically two options for you: getting taller by natural ways or getting taller with medication health and supplement. Both work and take time, suit yourself. About consequences, you know, the more natural something is the less side effect it leaves. The first is from natural ways. In general, human body stops growing at certain age; for a woman, the limit are 19 years old and for man the limit is 21 years old. Before stop growing, do particular exercises to get taller. There are forward bend standing, head to knee, and downward facing dog exercise. The main aim is to get all bones to the very first condition. The second option about how to increase height is below.

Men have created alternatives for those who struggle with height issue. Nowadays, you can find many kinds of the health supplements to help you getting taller. You simply just take the tablet, drink the milk (or juice, or oil), do some treatments, etc. The aim is similar, to get you taller. However, the difference is significant. With unnatural ways, you are stimulated to grow; all medication and treatments are design to stimulate your hormones to grow taller. You are not required to do exercises, but you have to spend more money on this one since it costs a pretty big number. Okay, in conclusion, you now have the answer for how to increase height.

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